Experienced Estate Planning Attorneys

The estate planning attorneys at the Citadel Law Corporation are dedicated to providing expert legal representation in all matters related to estate planning, probate services, and family law to residents in and around Los Angeles County, Orange County, Ventura County, San Diego County, the San Francisco area and throughout California. Working with an experienced estate planning lawyer at Citadel Law Corporation is the way to create a sound estate plan and ensure that your loved ones are cared for and protected in the years ahead.


Questions about estate planning law and estate-related disputes can be complex and emotionally volatile. Estate law disputes typically emerge soon after the death of a loved one. In an emotionally charged environment like this, you need an estate planning attorney who understands not just the legal intricacies involved, but also the need for tactful handling of these sensitive issues.

What is estate planning? Want to draw up a will and don’t know where to start? Believe that your loved one’s will is fraudulent and want to contest it? Have doubts about the capabilities of your trustee? Let a Citadel Law estate planning attorney help you resolve these issues and arrive at solutions that meet your needs and expectations.

An estate attorney can help with probate services, wills and trusts and disputes regarding them, beneficiary litigation, asset protection, minimization of estate taxes, advance healthcare directives, durable power of attorney, special needs trusts for disabled children, and a variety of other estate planning-related services. Your estate planning lawyer with Citadel Law Corporation can answer your questions and address your concerns.

You may also speak to our attorneys about establishing a business and deciding the type of business structure that is most suitable to your needs and long-term goals. From establishing limited liability partnerships to sole proprietorships, our lawyers can handle it all to ensure that you start your business on a sound footing.


We also provide family law services that help residents throughtout California resolve matters related to divorce and the determination of child support. When it comes to protecting your child custody rights or drafting a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, speak to an experienced family lawyer at our firm. To schedule an appointment with an attorney at the Citadel Law Corporation, call (949) 852-8181 today.


Citadel Law Corporation helps clients understand and create Revocable Living Trusts. The advantage of a Revocable Living Trust is that it may be redrafted, amended, or revoked by its settlor at any time, as long as the settlor is not mentally incapacitated. Revocable Living Trusts have emerged in recent years as a popular alternative to wills because of the lower administrative costs associated with probate and the centralized management provided for a settlor’s final affairs.


A Charitable Remainder Trust allows the sale of appreciated assets without capital gains taxes, creates tax deductions and retirement income for the grantor, and benefits a charitable cause. A Charitable Remainder Trust is an irrevocable trust established for the lifetime income benefit of the grantor. Along with lifetime income, the grantor also enjoys a charitable tax deduction. Specific rules and parameters are in place for calculating and claiming the deductions. Learn more about the benefits a Charitable Remainder Trust can provide by speaking to an attorney at Citadel Law Corporation.


Citadel Law Corporation can help you create a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt private foundation that can offer a number of considerable tax benefits. Unlike a charitable foundation, a private foundation does not generally have the legal requirements and reporting responsibilities of a registered non-profit or charitable foundation. Approximately two-thirds of the estimated 44,000 private foundations in the United States are believed to be family-managed. Ask a Citadel Law Corporation attorney more about establishing a private foundation and the benefits it can provide.


Asset protection involves a number of financial and legal tools, and your own asset protection needs, of course, will depend on the complexity of your estate. By using proper legal entities and ownership strategies, you can gain substantial legal protection from lawsuits and claims – spurious or otherwise – brought by creditors and other parties. Comprehensive asset protection also involves proper estate planning, tax planning, and a variety of other important considerations. Let Citadel Law Corporation help you protect your assets.


With offices in Irvine and Beverly Hills, Citadel Law Corporation offers advanced estate planning services to clients in Orange County, Los Angeles County, and throughout southern California. For more than two decades, Citadel Law Corporation has created thousands of advanced estate plans for individuals, families, and business located in southern California. We help you protect, manage, and enjoy your assets, determine how financial and medical decisions will be made when you are unable to make them, and ensure that your chosen heirs and beneficiaries will receive what you leave for them according to your wishes. It’s never too early to make the call and arrange to meet with an experienced Orange County attorney at the Citadel Law Corporation to discuss your advanced estate planning needs.


When a loved one leaves you part of an estate or makes you the executor of the estate, it is imperative to retain experienced legal counsel to guide you through the complicated probate process. The responsibility of managing a trust is also a huge responsibility, with significant authority and important obligations. An Orange County probate services attorney at the Citadel Law Corporation can explain probate law, discuss your rights and options, and provide comprehensive probate services including assistance with the distribution of assets. An experienced Citadel Law Corporation trustee services attorney can also offer sound advice regarding the day-to-day management of a trust and provide effective help resolving any dispute that may arise. Don’t hesitate to call Citadel Law Corporation and obtain the advice you need.


When you establish a trust, it’s imperative to have an attorney who attends to details while diligently safeguarding your interests. Proper trust administration demands a thoroughgoing familiarity with estate planning, tax laws, probate law, and much more. When you need a trust administration attorney to guide trustees and others through the difficult process of settling a loved one’s estate, speak with an experienced trust administration attorney at Citadel Law Corporation. Should any trust dispute arise, contact us promptly.


A corporation is legal entity which limits the personal liability of the owners. A corporation may be formed by one or more persons, partnerships, associations, or others. A corporation’s owners, known as the shareholders, are generally not liable for debts and other obligations of the corporation. Citadel Law Corporation can help you form a corporation, create all of the necessary business, legal, and financial documents, ensure compliance, help you avoid liability, and represent your interests in any potential legal dispute.


A durable power of attorney is a simple and reliable way to arrange for someone to manage your finances if you become incapacitated. A durable power of attorney can be drafted so that it goes into effect as soon as you sign it, or you can draft a document that only goes into effect if a doctor certifies that you have become incapacitated. A durable power of attorney can give your family the guidance they need when you can’t. A Citadel Law Corporation attorney can help you create the durable power of attorney document that best fits your circumstances and wishes.


The U.S. Unified Federal Estate and Gift Tax is a tax on the transfer of wealth, by gift or upon death, from one generation to the next. In the worst-case scenario, your loved ones could lose almost half of your estate upon your death. There’s no reason for that to happen. An attorney with Citadel Law Corporation can help you to plan your giving strategically on an annual basis so that you do not suffer unnecessary losses. It’s a complicated field of tax law, but a number of strategies are available. Talk to an attorney at Citadel Law Corporation about protecting your estate with a strategic giving plan.